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At Luxurious Cleaning Services we handle a wide variety of Commercial Cleanings. Our world-class team of professionals offers up fast, efficient, and affordable cleaning solutions. Below are just a few examples of Commercial clients that we contract with. Please contact us directly to discuss specifics on what we can do for your business. As always, estimates and consultations are FREE!



A restaurant cleaning service is useful for those who are short on time, or want to reduce the burden on their staff. A clean restaurant helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination and prevents the spread of infectious disease. A spotless kitchen creates a healthy work environment that will instill a feeling of safety and confidence among your staff members and customers alike.

Business Offices

Meeting Room

The lobby gives the very first impression to your establishment. The conference room is where business happens. Make sure the conference room has space for important meetings and the office space reflects your corporate identity. Executive cleaning is carried out weekly, bi-weekly, or once during deep cleaning. Call us today to schedule your free estimate for office cleaning.

Financial Institutions

Bank Lobby

Banks and financial institutions play an important role in the daily functions of both business and personal finance. Therefore, there must be a clean lobby and office to receive customers and make them feel confident about entrusting their financial needs to your institution. Investing in commercial cleaning services will ensure that your office is always in top condition, making customers from all walks of life feel at home in your banking institution.

Fitness Centers


It is critical for those who spend any amount of time at fitness centers or health clubs to avoid attracting germs from other patrons through unclean equipment or facilities. Trusting the cleaning and maintenance needs of a fitness center or health club to someone who takes their profession seriously is a key ingredient to ensuring the success of your fitness center. When you partner with Luxurious Cleaning Services, your patrons will have an enjoyable experience without having to worry about the cleanliness of your gym.

Dental Offices


To run a successful dental clinic, you need excellent office cleaning services. At the business level, if your facilities are dirty and unsanitary, it will be difficult for you to attract and retain patients. More important are health and safety issues. Without strict cleaning and disinfection, the dental clinic may hide dangerous pathogens, threatening the health of employees and patients. We know the importance of cleaning and disinfection in dental facilities, and we take our job seriously. Luxurious Cleaning Services will leave your dental office looking and feeling clean after every visit.

Auto Dealerships


Auto dealerships are an integral part of every community. With so many options for buying a car, it is important for the consumer to find a dealer they can trust. A clean establishment directly reflects your business’s customer service and indirectly reflects the quality of the vehicles you have for sale.

Just as your dealership takes pride in the vehicles that you sell and services you provide, our team takes pride in living up to our name. We are professionals with extensive training and experience in all aspects of cleaning, including showrooms, lobbies, restrooms and customer waiting areas.

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