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Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC

Move In / Out Service Contract



This cleaning services contract is entered into agreement between Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC, and the individual or company who submitted a complete booking request via online portal or forms hosted on Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC domain name of ( This contract is in effect on the date of booking terms agreement and for the length of term selected.  The aforementioned individual will furthermore be referred to as “The Client”.



The Client seeks to obtain cleaning services from Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC. Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC agrees they are capable and willing to meet all requirements outlined in this cleaning services contract.



Services Provided


Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC agrees to offer the services outlined in the request for booking term during the term of this contract.


The provided estimate is based on property as described by the Client at the time of booking. If property is found to be in not standard condition; additional fees shall be imposed.


Extra services selected at booking will be performed on an as-needed basis, and billed accordingly, based on estimate provided.



This cleaning services contract shall begin on the date booking terms are accepted and will conclude in accordance with the selected contract terms.


Independent Contractor


Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC is in an agreement they are not an employee of The Client and will act as an independent contractor for the term of this cleaning service contract.



Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC agrees to provide services to the best of their ability at all times.


The Client shall have the right to, at any time, perform an inspection of Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC’s work.


Should The Client discover any fault or failure during such inspections, they must notify Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC via email with photographic evidence within 24 hours of service.


Upon receipt of a notice of failure or fault from The Client, Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC agrees to fully address and remedy such errors as soon as reasonably possible.



Our Technicians


All our cleaning technicians have gone through background checks and drug testing for your peace of mind. We maintain detailed cleaning notes on each of our clients and make every effort to offer as much consistency as possible. Your security system codes will only be known by your technician and keys will be kept in a lock-box at our office.





We provide our own cleaning products, microfiber towels, vacuum, and mop. We use color coded microfiber technology ensuring the avoidance of cross contamination. All tools and supplies are disinfected after each home/office is cleaned, to provide an additional layer of protection.


Schedule Changes


We do our best to stay on schedule. However, if a change is necessary, we will contact you as soon as possible. If you need to postpone, cancel, or reschedule your cleaning. We require at least 48-hour notice. If we do not receive 48-Hour notice, there will be a $50 fee.


Late Cancellation/Lock Out/ Turn Away


We allocate a block of time for the cleaning of your home/office. If you request a schedule change, we require 48-hours advanced notice to avoid the $50.00 fee. If we do not receive a phone call or an email within 48-hours of your scheduled cleaning time, or we are locked out, you will be charged the full price of your scheduled cleaning. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to provide us with a key or keep a key in a discreet location near your home/office.

Security Alarms


If your home/office is equipped with a security system, please ensure that you call our office and provide us the code and proper directions for use.  Your cleaner will be the only individual with access to this information. If the code should change, please notify our office so you do not incur a lock out charge.


Unreachable Areas & Heavy items

For safety & liability reasons our employees can’t climb higher than a step stool or work outside of your home. Cleaners can’t move objects more than 35 pounds, if you would like cleaning behind heavy objects, please move prior to cleaning.

Cleaners Arrival Window

We schedule our cleanings in an order that requires the least amount of drive time in an effort to maintain low prices & avoid trip fees, if you require a specific time we will make every effort to accommodate your request, however, no times are guaranteed.
Due to the unpredictable nature of our business & unforeseen circumstances traffic jams, weather, mechanical problems, allow us the flexibility of scheduling our cleaning between 8:00 am & 4:00 pm.
We generally do not run more than 30 minutes earlier nor more than 45 minutes later than the scheduled appointment time, if we are running late we will call you or text you.


Luxurious Cleaning Services does not do holiday visits.
If your scheduled day falls on a holiday, we will contact you to reschedule, the following holidays will be observed:

•    Independence Day

•    Labor Day
•    Veterans Day
•    Thanksgiving
•    Christmas Eve
•    Christmas Day
•    New Year Eve
•    New Year



Key Release

Client keys are coded & stored inside a locked cabinet to which only the managers of Luxurious Cleaning Services have access.
In the event the client chooses to leave a door unlocked or place a key under a mat or any other unsecured place for the cleaners to gain entry into the home, Luxurious Cleaning Services will not be held liable for any damages or theft to the client’s home.
Upon termination / cancellation of services, Luxurious Cleaning Services shall return any client key(s) in its possession no later than 72 hours after termination.

Non-Solicitation of Luxurious Cleaning Services Employees

As our customer, you agree not to solicit for hire any of our cleaning employees to work directly for you. Our professional cleaners are background checked, their references verified & have completed comprehensive cleaning training. Significant time, resources & money are invested in each new employee before we allow them to enter our customer’s homes.




Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC requires a $100 deposit for all initial cleanings. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the final invoice.  Thereafter, Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC shall put a hold on funds 72 hours prior to the scheduled clean. The Client’s card will be charged when their cleaning is completed. If funds are not available, the Client must provide another form of payment 48 hours prior to their scheduled clean. If funds are not secured the scheduled cleaning will be canceled and a cancellation fee will be imposed.


A fee of $35.00 will be imposed for each charge back from the bank.


­­Forms of payment accepted:

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express





Any information or knowledge obtained during the term of this cleaning services contract about The Client is considered confidential.


Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC agrees to keep all information not openly known to the public confidential and private as such.


Should Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC or its employees’ actions lead to The Client’s confidential information being disclosed to unauthorized parties, The Client shall have the right to seek full remedy in accordance with applicable copyright law.


Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC shall be allowed to take images of the property. No identifying images will be used for promotional purposes without express consent of The Client.


Return of Property


Upon conclusion of this cleaning service contract either by termination by either party or completion by completion of the agreed agreement term, all property given to Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC by The Client shall be returned in the state it was given.


This is inclusive of any documentation, keys, and any codes given.




Each party agrees to indemnify and hold the opposite party harmless against any and all liability or damages without limitation.


The indemnification clause of this cleaning services contract shall survive the termination or conclusion of this agreement and shall remain in effect for a term of 12 months following conclusion or termination of this contract.



Modification of Agreement


Any and all amendments to this cleaning services contract shall be submitted in writing and signed by both Parties.


No amendment, modification, addition, or extension of this cleaning services contract shall be considered binding if not conducted in the prescribed manner.

Time of Essence


This agreement is based on a fixed period and terms it shall remain as such.


This cleaning services contract may be re-entered upon completion but will not be extended or drawn out by either party past the end date of this Agreement.


If The Client chooses to re-enter a cleaning service contract with Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC. A new contract must be signed 30 days prior to the end of this contract.




Under no term of this agreement shall Luxurious Cleaning Services, LLC subcontract any other individual or agency to complete any services included in this contract without prior written consent from The Client.


This article of the cleaning services contract shall not restrict Luxurious Cleaning Service, LLC’s ability to hire and retain employees to conduct the listed services.


Should The Client sell its interest in the property being serviced to another entity, that entity shall be responsible for adhering to the terms of this cleaning services contract in its entirety. The Client is responsible to notify controlling party of established contracts before sale of property.


Entire Agreement


This cleaning services contract shall constitute the entire agreement and shall replace any and all written or verbal agreements before this agreement.


Governing Law


Any and all legal manners related to this cleaning services contract shall be subject to jurisdiction in the state of North Carolina.


The Parties agree that in the instance of a disagreement both parties will seek mediation from a neutral arbitrator before seeking remedy through a court of law.

Should any single term of this contract be held as unenforceable or illegal, the term shall be replaced with a similarly enforceable term.


Upon the replacement or cancellation of any term of this agreement, all remaining terms will remain in full effect.





Both parties are in agreement to all terms and conditions, to their best abilities, fulfill all aspects of this cleaning services contract.


Acceptance of the terms while booking indicate complete consent and approval by The Client.