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short-term rental

Are you looking to achieve or maintain your Superhost status? Are you looking for a reliable Airbnb cleaning team who is detail oriented? Well then we are pleased you found us. We strive for greatness everyday to help you get
5-star reviews from your guests.

White-Glove Cleaning For Your Airbnb

We are not the cheapest, but we are your best choice! When it comes to your short-term rental you need to decide what type of investor / business person you are. Would you rather waste your time weeding out terrible bottom-barrel cleaners who are going to cost you in the long run? Or, would you rather have it done right the first time and avoid the added cost of time, money, and lost booking?

We understand the short-term rental market

In this industry first impressions are everything! The facts are obvious that it is rare a guest will return to stay at your location, no matter if the stay went well or not. However, it is highly likely that if your guest has an unpleasant stay, they will leave a bad review.  If you want to reach Superhost status and keep it, you know how important getting a 5-star rating truly is. 


We are a premium service with years of experience, and our pricing is a reflection of our level of professionalism. When you book with a real expert cleaning service there is a higher attention to detail, than you will get from someone who is just doing this as a side hustle. If you pick an amateur there are a whole gambit of issues that could arise. The amateur might use the wrong tool or product and damage your property. The even more troubling issue is that the amateur likely does not have proper insurance.


The amateur does not go through a background check. There is no need to go into detail about all the nefarious things a person could do to your property that is not properly vetted; I am sure you can use your imagination. Always ask yourself; is the cost worth the cost, and / or is the cost worth the benefit? Do you really want the headaches of having to find another cleaner to clean your Airbnb and the variety of things you thought of when I asked you to imagine?  

As you know, it is imperative to use the proper cleaning service for your Airbnb, Vrbo, or short-term rental. If you make the common mistake of going with the lowest bidder, you will inevitably be hurting your bottom line, reputation and paying more with not only your time, but also with your money.


World Class Highly Trained Experts

Luxurious Cleaning Services technicians are expertly trained and certified; we only hire the best. Also, our supervisors spot check cleanings on a random, but frequent basis. All of our technicians go through a background and vetting process in order to keep your property safe. 

Our aim is to make it as easy on you as possible!

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Our technicians are trained to document any issues or damage that may have been caused by your guests, so that our office may report it to you immediately. We can also inform you if your essential supplies are getting low. We make it easy to keep an eye on your Airbnb with our online customer portal. Our technicians will upload photos of damage directly onto your customer account, and we can also send picture of your cleaned property directly through the portal upon your request.


What sets us apart from other Airbnb cleaning services and why are we a favorite among Superhosts in Charlotte, NC
(and the surrounding areas)


Premium Services For Smooth Turn-Overs

We will change linens and for a fee we can also wash and dry one load of laundry while on-site. This works great for smaller properties. 

However, larger Airbnb's usually opt for our Premium Services. To avoid charging our clients to have a cleaner sit and wait around for a second, or third load of laundry to finish, we offer our hotel style linens for your short-term rental. We will bring a fresh set for every bed, and we will leave with the dirty ones.

We are able to do this by using the same standard linens for all of our clients. You will incur the an extra cost for the linens once a year or in the event of loss by unremovable stains or damage.


This upgrade service goes even further; we will also restock essential supplies in the kitchen and bathrooms. This helps our hosts become a bit more passive with their investment property. Take a look below at the items included with our Premium Airbnb service.

Kitchen Restocked

1x paper towels

1x scrubby sponge

1x surface cleaner

1x dish soap

1x dishwashing pods

1x boxes coffee filters

1x Trash bags

Bathrooms Restocked

2x toilet paper

1x hand soap

1x shampoo

1x conditioner

1x body wash

1x lotion

1x trash bags

Hotel Style Linens

1x duvet insert

1x duvet cover

2x sheets

2x hand towels

2x medium towels

2x large towels

2x pillowcases / shams

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